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 Let's Get Started!

You're going to love cleaning and clearing out and passing along great quality items to local families. 

We're here to show you how. 

Consignors/Sellers earn 60% (or 70% for Team Members) of their sold items minus a Prepaid Seller fee. 

Fall Sale Information 

Seller Waiver/Drop-off Appt.

Complete your Seller/Consignor waiver,
schedule your drop off time, prepay your seller fee, 

claim your presale passes,

Sign Up

Login to your tagging account and click "Sign Up" for the Dallas/Mesquite Event. It then should show up under your Events. 

Early Shopping

Want to shop early?

Sign up to "Help at the Sale"
For more information click HERE.

Team Member
Paid Position

Crib and Car Seat Waivers

All cribs and car seats must have a waiver filled out and attached to the item for inspection.
We CAN NOT sell the item without a waiver

or if the item has been recalled.

Crib Waiver
Car Seat/Booster Waiver

Seller/Consignor Guides

Our consignor guide takes you all the way through the selling process. 

Make sure to look at the correct season for clothing.
We do accept other kid items that may not be listed, any questions email

Seller Guide
bring this not that
acceptable items

​New to Selling?  
Here's our Selling Step-by-Step:

1. Step 1- Create a JBF Tagging Account
This is where you will create your tags to sell your items.

In your tagging account, Sign Up for the Sale.

​Find- JBF Dallas - click sign up,

you will then see the sale listed under MY EVENTS.

2. Step 2- Register for the Sale  Save Your Spot

You will Select Your Drop Off Day, Pay Your Seller's Fee and Claim Your Presale Shopping Passes.

3. Gather Your Items & Supplies

4. Prepare & Tag your items
We have a $3 rule for hanging clothing. Clothing items should be priced at $3 or higher. You can put multiple pieces together (same size) to reach the $3. (This rule only applies to hanging clothing.)

 Helpful "How To" videos to prepare your items

5. Selling Tips 

Complete Seller Guide
Safety Matters

If you are selling a car seat, booster seat or crib your item must have a completed waiver in order to go on the selling floor. You will complete this waiver and leave it with your item at drop off. 

Car Seat/Booster Waiver
Crib Waiver

​Want to Work the Sale?

**Earn even more of your sales!** 

Sign up for a Team Member shift, to shop earlier & earn more. 
​Login to your Tagging Account & click Help at the Sale, 
check the Team Member box & then Pick the shift that works for you.
​​10 & 5 hour Team Members earn 70% of their sold items and shop even earlier.
The more you help, the earlier you shop. 

           ​ We have Paid Positions during the sale, where you are paid for every hour worked. 
Click here for more information.

6. Drop Off, Shop the Presale & Watch your Seller check grow! Click reports & sold items

FAQ For Selling

Ready to start selling? Follow these steps above! Need more help? Join our Facebook CONSIGNOR group where you can find lots of helpful tips, tricks and a whole community of other savvy sellers online. We will help you Sell your Stuff!

Two ladies shopping with a wagon full.

Want it gone now?
​No time to price items?

Sign up as a Valet Seller and one of our Pro Taggers will price your items and drop them off at the sale for you.
You earn 45% (with a supply/drop off fees & a prepaid seller fee).
The best part? You get to shop early!

valet tagging Information

​Guides and Groups

JBF Seller holds up a item for sale in the art supply section.

This guide will help you know what to sell (and what not to sell) at this upcoming sale. 

A cashier smiles behind her mask as she gets ready to check out the next happy JBF customer.

Join our Facebook Group to ask questions and get tips from other sellers just like you!


​Preparing your items Videos

Watch the following videos to see how to prepare all of your items.

Tagging Supplies

Tagging Clothing

Tagging Shoes

Tagging Large Items

Tagging Books & More

Tagging Toys

Tagging Bedding

Sell the Most

Reduce and Donate?